Learning Need: To deliver a multi-cohort, multi-modular programme covering 330 participants for one of worlds largest Enterprise IT firms with more than 100,000 employees in Bangalore alone


XEd Online Engagement Brief: Considering the large set of audience of 330, the diagnostic process included Focus Group Discussions with potential participants as well as the leadership team.


330 Senior Leaders were divided into 6 Cohorts. And each participant went through a 3 month engagement complete with Assessments, Surveys, Reading Materials, before and after 6 Live Virtual Sessions of 2 hours each. The entire engagement was delivered over the Adobe Connect Platform


The programme covered 3 Sessions around Strategy and 3 Sessions on People Leadership, complete with cutting-edge pedagogy including Simulations, Projects, Case Studies and Assignments.


Certification was offered to only those who completed at least 5 out of the 6 Sessions, and completed credits on Assessments and Surveys both during and after each Session


The average rating of the program was 4.78 / 5

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