“The new system takes us a giant step beyond mass production towards increasing customisation, beyond mass marketing and distribution towards niches and micromarketing.” – Alvin Toffler.

The pursuit of customisation

In a transforming world, customisation is becoming more commonplace. From organisations to business leaders to customers – everybody demands products and services designed ‘only for them’.

Until a few years back, a customer’s choice was largely limited to the small number of options created by the manufacturer or the service provider. There was no way to obtain products or services tailored to a customer’s specific needs. There was a ‘low’ to an almost ‘no’ demand for customized items. Therefore, businesses could not deal with the costs that would arise on meeting the needs of the smaller select population.

Now, times have changed. There is an increasing number of products and services that allow production to be hybridised with customisation. This shift has granted end-users with customised products and services as well as the power to choose desired options and modify them to suit their likes and dislikes. This mass trend has now rendered the production of such items cost-effective.

Is customised executive education here to stay?

“One pace does not fit all. And that’s okay.” – David Levin, President and CEO, McGraw Hill Education.

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Source – http://www.e-learn.nl/2016/11/27/trendreport-2016-trends-customised-education

How technological trends enable customised education – The image talks about the 13 technological trends are set to affect the content and design of learning in the future.

As customisation is slowly impacting the global landscape, it is also transforming the age-old methods of learning. To add to this, technological trends are causing a massive shift that is further driving customised education. Gone are the days when senior executives could devote months or years to honing their knowledge. In this era characterised by its rapid changes and customised services, senior leaders can now opt for shorter, focused customised learning and development programs.

Leaders cannot give in long commitments to learning and development programs any longer – it is nothing short of a luxury. The need to obtain and deliver actionable insights to help drive organisation performance in a relatively short span of time is what makes these programs popular. The realisation that a trending executive education curriculum might not be applicable tomorrow is another aspect that is driving the need for up-to-date, shorter, challenge-specific courses. Customisation of such programs is driven by their volatile nature.

Will customised executive education programs work in a digital matrix?

Today, workplaces are deeply impacted by the digital revolution thereby bringing about a massive shift in a leader’s roles and responsibilities. This shift gradually impacts the deliverables of such programs. So how can executive education providers design and deliver impactful programs to leaders when the content and principles constantly change?

The answer lies at the heart of the very thing that is the cause of its disruption – technology. In fact, many development providers are already doing so. Simon Vuillaume, Director of international projects at Cegos, predicts the use of AI assistants in executive learning and development. She shares that these programs can get as customised as they can get with AI assistants helping students to brush up on their negotiation skills and advise them on negotiation styles in advance of client meetings, for example.

Benefits of customised executive programs

Today, executive education providers are invading the learning and development space even as we speak. This is triggered by the falling half-life of leadership traits and companies across the globe leading to an increase in the spend on customised executive learning and development. Customised programs benefit organisations via the following;

Solutions specifically targeted to your organisations’ goals – The most important offering of customised programs is the unique framework used to design them – that are targeted at providing unique solutions. Such programs possess an action-challenge component, where the curriculum is tied to a specific problem faced by your organisation. The challenges are resolved by an expert faculty that guides leaders through the problem-solving process.

Flexible content to suit learning goals – In a busy transforming world, senior executives cannot be expected to clear out large portions of their schedule. The best custom learning programs are moulded to match the recipient’s schedule. Flexibility to choose the duration, timings as well as options to either opt for physical or virtual programs help senior leaders stay determined to their commitment to learning despite their busy schedules. Customised programs also make it possible to measure ongoing ROI. The results can help establish a suitable pace of learning and further modify content to meet learning goals.

Small cohorts created to maximise impact – Customised programs ensure that they create small groups of senior leaders whose requirements match depending on the industry, issue or type of organisation. This helps form groups that are tailored for fit. This approach might seem time-consuming, but on retrospection, it enables mentors to impart maximum attention and impact on each senior leader.


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