Many professionals feel stuck in a career where they live paycheck to paycheck. One reason why this happens is when executives start stagnating after getting too comfortable in a job role and position. There is simply no drive or passion left and very little learning. 


In the age of disruption, when organizations undergo a major transformation every couple of years, it is only logical that the management should empower themselves with the right skills and knowledge to align with the enterprise goals. 


Especially now when knowledge is within your hands literally, sometimes only a click away. Those who fail to make use of this opportunity, stay where they are. Their capabilities will diminish with time. Continuous learning is the way forward to advance your personal and professional growth. 

An executive management program or EMBA level diploma or certificate is one of the top choices for executives looking to upskill themselves and scale new career highs. 


Executive education programs like Cornell’s Executive Program in Management (EPM) not only benefit the candidate professionally but also offer numerous benefits to your company. 


Here’s how an executive management program can help your career:


1. Focus on enhancing strategic skills and immediate business challenges


Advanced executive management programs like EPM are not your usual ‘MBA refreshers’. Rather, they are focused more on building strategic cross-functional skills that are more relevant to your business and its challenges. 


An executive program enables you to adopt newly acquired ideas, knowledge and practical acumen learned from peers and expert faculty.


2. Online/part-time: learn at your own pace


It is seldom possible to take a sabbatical or study-break to pursue your goals. An EMBA level program such as EPM is part-time and online, conducted over a time-frame of six months so that you can learn at your own pace and even apply some of what you learn in the workplace.


3. Invest in your personal brand


Certificate from an Ivy-League B-school such as Cornell gives you immediate rewards and attention. Cornell ranks on the IBM level of Ivy League in terms of enrollment. It has around 10,000 students in all its various divisions – this is only a little behind the Harvard numbers.


The skills that you gain through such a program go far beyond classroom training. For instance, EPM has a strong innovation focus with digital as a horizontal across University. Our unique pedagogy specializes in developing an individual’s capabilities in leadership, innovation and business.


With a global reach in strategic markets like South America, the Middle East, India and China, and an Ivy League certificate, your career gets a much-needed power-up. 


4. Best-in-class faculty


Gain access to some of the best brains in business.  Learn from world-class teachers as Cornell’s faculty have won many awards for their expertise and contribution to this field.


With accomplished and celebrated names from academia like Allan M Filipowicz, Gautam Ahuja, Neil Tarallo, Justin Johnson, Soumitra Dutta and access to competency-based content that includes 600+ electives such as data analytics, digital, service excellence and business with unlimited access for 6 months, you are all set for a unique learning experience that helps you stand out from your competition.


5. Expand the breadth and depth of your expertise


The lessons are designed to help everyone from individual contributors to new and seasoned managers with the relevant skills to manage the current economic climate.


Managers can hone their abilities to map the future of their business, recommending strategies that help them fulfill their goals.


EPM has a unique T-shaped learning model. It enables you to go wider to understand the broader aspects of enterprise business using 16 live sessions, but also dive deeper to specific lines of business like Digital, Strategy, Finance, Innovation etc. with over 600+ elective lessons.


Who are the ideal candidates for the EPM program?


The ideal EPM candidates comprised experienced executives with leadership expertise in their domain, managers who have direct responsibility for P&L or leaders of specific products/business lines. 

The course is designed specifically for executives with


  • 6 +years of cross-functional work experience
  • Excellent communication skills and fluency in English
  • An undergraduate degree with a strong track record 
  • Project and team management experience


The time is now to take action. Join us on this exciting journey with innovative learning concepts and business framework in Cornell’s Executive Program in Management (EPM). We are accepting applications currently but we have limited seats. The deadline for submitting your application is 30th September. 


If you have been looking for an exceptional learning experience that is flexible and fits your schedule, then you must give this a shot. Request a call back to know more.

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