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University of Leeds

Recent Client Engagement 

Business Need: In light of several organizational structural changes within one of largest Middle East based government entity, it was clear that every one in the organization will need to adapt to the moving targets that have been subjected to them. The ones who were affected most with these changes were the Junior Engineers. The organization was keen that these 700 engineers, who were going through quite a journey, needed to further develop their learning orientation and adapt faster to changing environment

Solution: A 6 month learning was devised in partnership with Leeds University Business School. The program was designed over 3 modules for each of the 24 Cohorts. Each cohort had around 20 to 30 participants. The program began with the 3 day classroom module. All participants were connected over a state of art mobile application and online interface over 6 months. The Modules also include a Change Simulation where each of the Cohorts competed within their teams. Participants were graded on their Class Participation, Online Engagement, Change Simulation Scores and Final Assessment Scores. 

Behavioral changes happens when efforts are continued over a period of time. Our goal would be to infuse several capsules of learning every week for the period of 6 months, and then re-assess them again to measure possibility of change. 

About University of Leeds

University of Leeds is a public research university established in 1831. 

  • It is the 5th largest University in UK with 33,000 students studying here.
  • Leeds is consistently ranked among the top 10 for its business management courses in the UK by a various leading publication such as Financial Times.
  • Leeds is ranked within the top 50 globally for its business analytics program and top 100 for its management program.
  • The University campus in Leeds is spread across a massive 1230 acres (498 ha) of Land near the Leeds city centre.